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Dean Graziosi and Dean Enterprises are deeply committed to resolving, preventing and addressing complaints from any of our valued clients or anyone who has had any interactions with our company and/or other directly associated organizations.

Other so called “complaint” sites don't exist to TRULY help you with any issue you may have. They simply want your negativity posted on their site so they can generate traffic to sell all kinds of products to you and others as they get ranking for negative comments.

Consumers can feel confident & secure about doing business with Dean Graziosi. He and his companies are 100% committed to total customer satisfaction. If you have a complaint or a concern, please use the form at the bottom of this page so we may resolve it.

Hello and welcome to our site.

Dean Graziosi is a real estate investor and author who offers products and services to help people learn how invest in real estate. His main website, is a public online community with thousands of visitors a day. At ‘’ real estate investors and those seeking to become involved in real estate investing can gain knowledge, get free training, access a wealth of real estate information and interact with each other at no-cost. is an online community made up of positive and successful people. Unlike many other companies who want to keep their customers from interacting, Dean Graziosi encourages his clients to share and interact, and we believe this is a revolutionary and foundational step in operating an organization committed to the principles of integrity and transparency.

Dean Graziosi realizes customer success and satisfaction are the two ingredients to having a long term successful business. Instead of constantly trying to sell his clients more, he only sells essentials, and constantly gives away all sorts of other valuable insight and knowledge on an ongoing basis.

Products and Services.

Dean Graziosi has authored a number of books, two of which were New York Times best-sellers. Some of his titles are Totally Fulfilled, Profit From Real Estate Right Now!, Your Town Your Real Estate Profits, 30 Days to Real Estate Cash: the go fast with no fear blueprint, and Be a Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today, which may be the best-selling real estate book of the Decade in America.

Dean also offers advanced training, through his Real Estate Success Academy and offers custom created programs designed to focus on specific types of real estate investing, such as short sales, foreclosures, etc.

In 2007 Graziosi also launched a nonprofit venture, called “Operation Free Home” ( designed to provide people who had fallen upon hard times with the free home to live in for 12 months, allowing them time to get back on their feet.

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The following are the items that Dean Graziosi and his affiliated companies have agreed to in order to ensure consumer satisfaction:

  • The Company shall respond to any customer complaints within 72 hours or 3 business days, and provide satisfactory resolution.
  • The company will not tolerate or employ high pressured sales tactics in the selling of any of their products or services and request that any such tactics be reported to them immediately.
  • Customer service lines have set hours of operation, and during those times, no caller shall wait more than five minutes to be helped.
  • All refunds policies are clearly posted on any specific product website, or in any printed material that accompanies their products.
  • Any refunds will be processed in as little as 24 hours, but no longer than 30 days from initial date of transaction.
  • Any rebilling to customers credit cards are preceded by a notification of the rebilling. No surprises due to company error.

Much like any product or service, Graziosi's products and services are not for everyone, but anyone who chooses to purchase from Dean Graziosi and his affiliated companies can be assured of receiving a high quality product, top-notch treatment, fair and equitable responses to any complaints, and the ability to enjoy a long time fulfilling relationship with the company and its founder.

If you have a complaint, a concern or need to report attempts by another company attempting to offer you education, products or training using the Dean Graziosi name, please contact us immediately using the form below.

How urgent is this? (Regardless of your level of concern, our team responds to all requests ASAP. All requests will be responded to in 3 business days or less).

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